Travis Simcox



• Data Science: R, SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, Excel, Minitab, SQL, Tableau

• Languages: Python, R, C, C#, PHP, MATLAB, Visual Basic/.NET

• Web Development: ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, LAMP, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

• Development Tools: GIT/GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio, Vagrant

• Operating Systems: Windows XP and above, OSX, iOS, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Kali, Debian)



Software Engineer and QA Tester: Spider Team 08/2014 – 01/2017 Pittsburgh, PA

• Developed with Python in an Agile/Scrum environment using Pivotal Tracker

• Maintained and enhanced web crawling and scraping tools for content composed of HTML, XML, JSON, CSV

• Validated data stored on MySQL databases from 10,000+ sources

• Performed QA testing on three commercial websites, one mobile site, and iOS app

Research Assistant: University of Pittsburgh, Psychology Department, Mind and Brain Lab 08/2010 – 01/2014 Pittsburgh, PA

• Scripted in MATLAB, SPSS, and SAS to statistically model research data

• High-dimensional data modeling in R for stimuli selection

• Built web-based and application front-ends in Visual Basic, JavaScript, and ActionScript for cognitive science experiments

• Automated QA testing and load testing with C# in the Microsoft .NET framework

• Administrated LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)-stack web servers in AWS

• Used MATLAB for causality analyses on human brainwave (ECoG) data with University of Pittsburgh HRNEL lab

Research Assistant: New Mexico Highlands University, Cognitive Psychology Lab 08/2008 – 05/2010 Las Vegas, NM

• Designed and built wearable infrared pupilometry webcam eyeglass system to capture pupil size and position

• Coded and validated pupilometry software with active contour tracking algorithms in MATLAB and C#

• Scripted auditory and visual stimuli presentation in Millisecond Inquisit and Cedrus SuperLab

• Created original design and built PIC microcontroller devices for assessing spoken responses to stimuli

Milieu Counselor: Desert Hills of New Mexico Healthcare Facility 08/2007 – 06/2008 Albuquerque, NM

Help Desk: New Mexico Tech Skeen Library 05/2003 – 06/2007 Socorro, NM



CompTIA: A+ (900 series, 2018, ST286G7HNKE41S9Z)

Apple Certified Associate in Mac Management (2014, License no. APPL174823)

Full Member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Honor Society



“Collecting response times using Amazon Mechanical Turk and Adobe Flash” Travis Simcox, Julie Fiez, Journal of Behavior Research Methods, 2014 Full Text     Abstract     PDF

“Does the language in which aversive stimuli are presented affect their processing?” Travis Simcox, Maura Pilotti, Salif Mahamane, Eric Romero, International Journal of Bilingualism, 2012 Abstract