Who is Travis Simcox?



 • 5 yr data analysis Python/R/SAS/MATLAB/SPSS/MiniTAB/•

•  3 yr manual+automated QA(C#/.NET/Selenium) •

•  4 yr helpdesk/MillenniumDB/RMDBS •

  • 3 yr Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS) admin •

• 3 yr Python/AWS/IBM cloud/SQL •

 • 2 yr ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS 

 • 2 yr LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) admin •



Published in “Behavior Research Methods” 2014:

“Collecting response times using Amazon Mechanical Turk and Adobe Flash”

Authors: Travis Simcox, Julie Fiez

Full Text     Abstract     PDF


Published in “International Journal of Bilingualism/SAGE” 2012:

“Does the language in which aversive stimuli are presented affect their processing?”

Authors: Travis Simcox, Maura Pilotti, Salif Mahamane, Eric Romero



Published in “The American Journal of Psychology” 2011:

“Are verbal transformations sensitive to age differences and stimulus properties?”

Authors: Maura Pilotti, Travis Simcox, John Baldy, Frances Schauss




CompTIA A+ 901/902 (CompTIA, Inc.)

Apple Certified Associate in Mac Management License APPL174823 (Apple Inc.)

Full Member of Sigma Xi (Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society)

Full Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM, Inc.)



QA Analyst/Developer 2014-:: Rent Jungle LLC, Pittsburgh PA:

• Detected and resolved quality problems in software, achieving increases in data accuracy data for multiple projects and clients

• Improved the production process of written reports, increasing client confidence in upcoming action plans

• Leveraged Python and SQL to reduce the detection times and resolution times of unexpected challenges

• Maintained data analysis processes running in Amazon EC2 to increase both quantity and accuracy of incoming data

• Tested websites and apps for bugs and vulnerabilities

Research Assistant 2010-2014: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA:

• Conducted power analyses, mixed model statistical analyses, signal analysis, predictive models, and highly-dimensional factor analysis in statistical suites such as R and SPSS. Results published in academic journals and at conferences.

• Validated quality of research data collected online and accuracy of custom software, as well as security of servers

• Maintained dialog with the ethics board, ensuring our team followed HIPAA and best practices.

• Developed and deployed research applications in Visual Basic, C#, E-Prime, ActionScript, Javascript, R, MATLAB parallel-computing configurations, and CentOS-based LAMP-stack servers running Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services included the Amazon EC2 Cloud, Amazon S3, and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

• Taught Research Methods classes instructing in the latest methods of cognitive science research

Research Assistant 2008-2010: New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas NM:

• Developed pupil-tracking hardware and software in MATLAB and C# for assessing attention, in which data analysis code ran in parallel on a private cloud.

• Taught classes including brain dissection labs, in order to teach students how to recognize the components the the mammalian brain.

• Designed and coded novel research lab experiments with custom hardware, resulting in a successful thesis

• Developed and built a microcontroller device to determine the moment at which a word begins to be pronounced. The cost for the device totalled $30. The device was smaller, preferred by users, and auto-calibrated on startup, in contrast to typical $300-$400 commercial hardware.

Milieu Counselor 2007-2008: Desert Hills (ACADIA Healthcare), Albuquerque NM:

• Filed and maintained medical records

• Maintain safe environment for patients

Help Desk Worker 2003-2007: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Library, Socorro NM:

• Helped patrons access information

• Utilized databases of library resources


New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas NM.

Earned Master’s of Science with major in Psychology.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro NM.

Earned Bachelor’s of Science with major in Psychology, minor in Biology.